We specialize in making brass dials for reproduction movements and matching engraving, where missing on old dials.

When making new dials we can add such features as ringed winding holes, engraved date apertures, date rings, second rings, strike silent rings and piecrust seconds apertures.

This page show a selection of hand engraved and hand finished dial work for restoration on old movements. Please let us know your requirements.

Note - We do not recommend making new dials for replacing painted dials, it is far better to have the old dial restored to its former beauty, thus retaining it's value.

It is difficult to give any prices for engraving as each job is priced separately, the following are examples

Long case chapter ring

From £160.00
Bracket Clock Chapter Ring From £140.00
Internal Tooth Date RingFrom £85.00
Cartouche with name From £40.70
Seconds ring eng. every 5. From £40.50
Tempus fugit disk From £40.50
Strike silent ring From £56.50
Name Boss From £40.50
Longcase Chapter ring Waxed and Silvered From £35.00
Bracket clock chapter ring Waxed and Silvered From £35.00

The photograph shows a new clock dial and hands made for a customer.