Lantern Clock Parts

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R025 Dolphin pattern lantern clock fret, Good casting, needs engraving if used for the front fret.

Size. Height 60 mm. Base 102 mm. Widest point 104 mm.

Price. 17.16 each.

R024 This is a similar style to R073 but with out any engraving . A good useful casting.
Size:- Base 115mm.
Widest point 113mm.
Height 74mm.
R073 Fine quality lantern clock fret with engraving on, this has turned out very well due to the lost wax process. The engraving can be ground off if the casting is to be used for the side fret on the lantern clock. 
Size:- Base 94mm.
Widest point 105mm.
Height 67mm.