Bracket Clock Case Castings 1

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JW20 Early good quality handle.

Size. Width 89mm.

Price. 28.80

Bracket clock side fret.
Size. Width

JW 016 Handle and fittings.
Size:- 73mm long.
Price:- 24.00
JW025 Handle with fixing lugs.
(Cast washers can be supplied if required)
Size:- 95mm long.
Price:- 26.00   Washers 1 each.
JW028 Escutcheon.
Size:- 47mm x 15mm
Price:- 3.87
R014 Bracket clock door fret. (pre 1710 clocks) Size:- 152mm x 23mm Price:-8.47
R120 As above but shorter. Size
Price:- 7.90
R055 Good quality heavy handle.
Size:-79mm long 50mm high.
Price:- 34.00

R127 Escutcheon for early bracket clocks, good quality.

Size:- Length 80mm. width 11mm.


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