William Ball of Bicester Hook and Spike Clock
Another conservation project and as such was treated very carefully, cleaned and coated with a wax to preserve the existing finish.
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The dial One of the wheels was engraved with 1704 on it Clock wheels and pinions Clock wheels and pinions
The trees or plates are straight bars in this clock as the other levers are pivoted in the frame of the clock. More viewes of the trains Note the lines turned on the sprocket flanges Time and strike train
Back view Wheel on the back of the countwheel showing the rough cast finish to the crossings Side The frame showing the large pivots for the strike levers
Top view of the frame The iron parts note that the strike levers pass through the large pivot hole and are then held from coming out by a cross pin in the arbor. More wheels The finished clock

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Restoration by Richards of Burton, (Clockmaker's)
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