Clock Restoration

We have extensive facilities for the restoration of antique clocks.

Long case clocks and Bracket clocks, have always been the largest part of our work, but Lantern clocks are now begining to take over. We also repair French, Vienna, Carriage and Turret clocks. We will consider repairing almost any mechanical and some electrical clocks. 
Some of the jobs undertaken recently are as follows:-
  1) Work on a very rare Quarter Striking Lantern Clock of approximately 1640. Details of the restoration of this clock and history of the maker can be found here. Knifton Quarter Striking Lantern Clock 
  2) Salt box wall clock. Hooded wall clock page.
    3) Iron continental clock. Iron wall clock.
  4) Turret clock made by Moss. Turret clock made by Moss of Shefield. 
  5) Parker Lantern Clock. Parker centre swinging Lantern Clock. 
  6) A new clock made for a client. Gravity movement. 
  7) William Ball of Bicester. Hook and Spike. 
8) Trubshaw of London. Miniture strike and alarm lantern clock. 


Restoration by Richards of Burton, (Clockmaker's)
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