A New Clock Train For A Gravity Clock
This clock was made specially for a client who has made the gravity escapement and wanted a movement to fit it to.
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The idea originally was to make simple gear train and barrel similar to a longcase clock with a arbor that came through the front plate. Another plate with a double three leg gravity escapement mounted onto it which the client had made up himself could then be mounted onto the movement front plate, and the scape wheel mounted onto the projecting arbor. This soon evolved into a more complicated clock. The barrel was designed with a epicycloidal gear train mounted inside it to keep a constant torque on the train wheels when winding the weight up. The next problem was to wind the clock, and a small electric motor was used for this. The barrel had to be placed farther down the train than normal as the escapement needs a fairly high torque to lift the gravity arms, it was calculated that a 4 lbs weight on a single drop would be about right for this. The motor is switched on and off by two paddles which the line rubs against. As it descends the line rubing on the paddle operates a switches concealed in a brass box and the motor switched on. As the line is wound up the other paddle is operated and the motor switched of.
Originally the gear train was only a means to drive the escapement as a demonstration piece but eventually it was decided to fit a set of hands. The clock has no motion work and friction as a normal clock but is similar to a regulator with extended arbors that hands can be fitted onto.
Side view. Top view showing the wheels. Another top view. Side view.
Looking down from the front. Some of the wheels and the paddles. Side view showing the worm and worm wheel which had to be made. The worm wheel was originally made in brass but was changed to plastic due to it being noisy.

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