Thomas Knifton

Notes on Kniftons life and a Lantern clock believed to be made by him c1640.

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Large Quarter Striking Lantern Clock 19” high with verge and balance wheel escapement, striking the quarters on four bells surmounted above a gallery for viewing the balance wheel. Striking the hour on a 7” cast bell. Deeply engraved floral centre and side doors. Two handed with a 6.5” silvered chapter ring. Original wheelwork and arbors bar reconverted verge, escape and balance wheel, steel arbors tapered with integral collets and square mounting for wheels.
Three train rope driven movement extending the duration from 9 to 18 hours with pulley and counter weight for each train. This is an original feature only found on quarter striking lantern clocks. The movement with it’s low count wheels and pinions has brass and steel backed click work with a very interesting clutch assembly for adjusting the minute hand.
The wheelwork, with one piece tapered arbors, heavy flys and decorated bell strapwork point to this clock being made by Thomas Knifton. The omly other possible maker to be considered is Peter Closon.    Lantern clocks from this period are extremely rare with features of engineering we can applaud. This Lantern clock was made around the start of the English Civil War and has had a full sympathetic restoration with conservation uppermost in mind.

Work undertaken on the clock.

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