Long case Clock Case Fittings & Capitals 1

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R016 Capital for clocks with dials 12" or more.

Size. Height 21 mm. A/F 42 mm. Hole diam. 28 mm.

Price. 9.75 each.

R017 This is a very popular capital, and is used very often at the top of a column, with R018 at the bottom.

Size. Height 15 mm. A/F 33 mm. Hole diam 22 mm.

Price 7.02 each.

R018 This is a very popular capital, its style is complimentary to most clocks.

Size. Height 19 mm. A/F 37 mm. Hole diam 23 mm.

Price. 8.22 each.

R050 Patera for the swan necks. This is a casting taken from an original pressing.

Size. 52mm Diam.

Price. 8.69each.

R013 Castings only to make the hinge flaps needs hinge pin and finials making.

Price 3.30 per hinge.

R039 1/4 capital for the trunk on long- cases between 1750 - 1810.
Size:- Height 35mm
Side 33mm