Long case fittings & capitals 2

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R043 Good quality escutcheon with pattern cast in, also suitable for furniture.

Size 86mm long 24mm wide.

Price 6.47 each.

R048 Large 1/2 capital can also be used for furniture.


Price 6.89

R049 Large 1/2 Corinthian capital may be used with R048.


Price 14.04

R059 3/4 capital for long case hood.
Size:-Height 18mm
A/F 42mm
Hole dia: 29mm
Price :- 7.59

R060 3/4 capital for longcase hood.
Size:-Height 20mm
A/F 40mm.
Hole dia: 25mm
Price:- 6.62

R063 Very good quality Corinthian capital for 12"&13" dials.
Hole dia.24mm
Price:- 16.57