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Form to record a Clock or Watch maker

Please fill in some or all of the boxes below. Only relevant information on the maker will be put on the web other details will be stored and may be used later.

Name and town which appears on the dial (and country if not UK)

Maker of the Movement if different to above.

Type of movement

Other information on the Movement

Strike Chime or Timepiece

Type of Dial

Other information Dial

Type of Hands

Other information on the Hands

Type of Escapement

Other information on escapement

Weight Driven Spring Driven Both

Type of Case

Other information on case

Approximate Date of item

Have you any information on the maker

If you have found information on a clockmaker, or the family of one, from other sources (i.e. grave stones or church records etc )please enter in the next box. Please supply references and dates of records


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Please include your name (or firms name ) and details here, also your web site address if Horological for inclusion on our Links page.

Please E-mail a photograph of the Item, Grave stone, House where maker lived or any relevant subject if possible.

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