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Alphabetical list of Clockmakers for Burton & Surrounding Area

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My aim.

After spending a lot of spare time researching makers and retailers of Horological goods in Burton I realized how little is known about local makers and how little I had actually found out, after more work I decided there was not enough to publish a booklet but I want to make this easily available to people so have put it on the Web.


I cannot prove that all the references for a given surname are from the same family unless there is a mention of clock or watch making, but there is a good chance that they are and these notes may be a starting point for further research.

Help needed

Due to lack of time for more research I would be very grateful for any other information on makers and if anyone is interested in contacting me I may be able to point them in the right direction. If all research is pooled I think it will create a very useful site for clock collectors.

The List

The list of local makers to Burton-on-Trent covers parts of Staffordshire, Derbyshire, & Leicestershire. The main towns included are Burton & Ashby and various villages.

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