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Alphabetical list of Clockmakers E-H

Elleby John & son Dig St. Ashbourne Church clock maker 1846 H.G.D.D.

Elleby Henry Edward Dig St. Ashbourne Watch & clockmaker 1857 W.H.D.D.

Emery Richard Newhall 1900 R DC

Finnemore & son, The Birmingham Journal 5th Nov. 1836. Advert To clock dial painters , Wanted a good workman in the Ornamental style. Apply to Finnimore & son Edmund St. where superior prices are given.

Gefflar John 1841 Church Gresley
John Gefflar age 25 clockmaker foreign.
John Brucker age 20 clockmaker foreign
Gregory Brucker age 20 Assistant foreign

Hardwick George Charles 27 Derby St. Burton Watchmaker 1888 K.D.S.

Hardwick George Charles 27 Derby St. Burton Watchmaker 1892 K.D.S.

Hardwick G. C. 27 Derby St. Burton watch & clockmaker 1900 K.D.S.00

Harrison John Bretby Rd. Newhall Watch & clock repairer. 1925 (ref directory)

Harlow Benj. Wyatt Saint John St. Ashbourne Clockmaker 1846 H.G.D.D.

Harper Alexander 155 Horninglow St. Burton Watch & clockmaker & Jewelers 1874 W.D.S.D.B.

Haycock Thomas & Son Ashbourne Brass & Bell founders 1857 W.H.D.D.

Healey Thomas, 9th Feb. 1814 Burton parish church Bapt Mary Ann daughter of Thomas & Penelopy Healey clockmaker of Burton.

Healey Thomas, Ref in parish records 1815 ( probably a Bapt.)

Healey Thomas Market Place. Burton-on-Trent. 1818 Watch & clockmakers S.G.C.D.P.B.

Healey Thomas 17th Dec 1820 Burton Parish Church. Sarah daughter of Thomas & Penelopy Healey watchmaker of Burton.

Heathcote & son Woodville(Woodpile Rd)??? 1891 R DC

Higgins Thomas Wood St. Ashby 1842 Watch & clockmaker P.N.C.

Holt Henry Cross St. Burton 1870 watchmaker ( probably a repairer)

Hosse William Walton on Trent 1678 (the only record I have seen is in Baillies book is he a maker or was the item made for him) DC