Cherub Corners (Page 1)

Spandrels for bracket and longcase clocks

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JW007 Small Bracket clock corner this can be used with JW008 spandrels in the arch of a dial.

Size. Height 22.5mm.  Base 49 mm.

Price. 4.09 each.

JW012 This is a high quality casting used mainly on early 10inch; Long case dials pre 1700.

Size. Height 36.5mm. Base 89mm.

Price. 6.05 each.

R001 This corner was used on 9 & 10inch; dials particularly by Knibb and other early London makers.

Size. Height 33.5mm. Base 81mm.

Price. 6.65 each.

R037 This pattern was used by Knibb and other early makers mainly on Bracket clocks.

Size. Height 29.5mm. Base 75mm.

Price. 5.89 each.

R036 Good quality corner showing the start of the transition away from cherubs. Used on small long case clock dials.

Size. Height 46mm. Base 105mm.

Price 9.39 each.

JW001 Very good quality casting for early Bracket clocks
Size A 28mm B 73mm
Price 6.34 each.

R051 Large faced cherub used by some of the early makers on long case and bracket clocks.
Size A 36.5mm B 80mm 
Price 7.70 each.

R058 This corner is similar to JW12.
Size A 36mm B 89mm 

Price 6.05 each.

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