Spandrels and Corners (Page 3)

Early to mid 18th Century

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JW008 This is a useful casting for new dials, with JW007 corners. The casting dates from circa 1700.
Size:-Height 57mm.Base 47mm
JW 014 Early mask type Spandrels used on clocks of the last part of the 17 century up until about 1730.
Size:-Height 57mm.Base 48mm
Price:-5.13 each.
R008 Rococo style spandrels, these date from the second quarter of the 17th. century.
Size:-Height 60mm Base 48mm
Price:-6.09 each.
R010 Rococo corner, this is a good casting and was used a lot on dials in the mid 18th. century.
Size:-Base 89mm Height 65mm
Price:-6.01 each.

R021 This is another small casting and is useful for new dials.
Size:-Base 64mm Height 44mm
Price:-4.29 each.

R162 Good quality early bracket clock spandrels.
Size:- Height 40mm. Width 35mm.
Price:-9.24 each.

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