Spandrels and Corners (Page 5)

For Longcase & Bracket clocks

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R038 Good quality casting with Indian head. This is for 12" & 13" dials. Useful for clocks between 1715 - 1770.
Size : -Height 62mm Base 180mm
Price:- 16.13 each.
R041 This corner is similar to R040 but is a larger version. Suitable for 13" long case dials, it is very good quality, and used on clocks until quite late in the 18th century.
Size :- Height 143mm Base 200mm
Price:- 16.94each.
R054 This corner is a elongated version of R006 it was not used a lot but has its uses when making new dials.
Size :- Height 52mm Base 175mm
Price:- 27.70 each.
R062 Rococo style corner used on clocks during the mid 18th century. This is a very good casting and is suitable for 12" dials.
Size : - Height 53mm Base 167mm
Price:- 15.25 each.
  R071 Large cherub used on clocks from the mid 18 th. century suitable for 12" dials
Size :-Height 60mm Base 163mm
Price:- 19.58 each.

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