Spandrels and Corners (page 4)

For Longcase & Bracket clocks

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R004 Rococo style corner for 11" & 12" dials. This is suitable for dials from 1720 - 1770.
Size:- Height 52mm Base 150mm
Price:- 11.46 each.
R006 This pattern of elaborated cherub corner was used a lot. Starting in the late 17th century and continuing well into the middle of the 18th.It was one of the most widely used corners both in London and the provinces. 
Size :- Height 54mm Base 114mm
Price 9.97each.
R007 Dolphin Spandrels for use on 12"&13" dials. These were used on Mid 18th century arched long case dials . They are popular with customers making new dials.
Size:-Base 100mm Height 110mm
Price:- 20.37 each.
R023 Good quality spandrels. These go quite well with R003, but can be used with other corners.
Size:- Base 77mm Height 100mm
Price:- 13.05 each.
R011 This is a heavy pattern of spandrel and is a good quality casting. 
It is suitable for use on 10" arched long case dials.
Size:- Base 65mm Height 78mm
Price:- 9.13 each.
R012 Mid 18 th. century rococo style corner for 12" and 13" dials this is an exceptionally good quality casting, mainly used on northern clocks.
Size :-Height 60mm Base 190mm
Price:- 37.25 each.

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