Spandrels & Corners for Longcase clocks (Page 7)

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R093 Rococo style spandrel used from about 1750 until 1780.Good quality and much used on longcase clocks.
Size:- Height 85mm Base 100mm
Price:- 15.69 each.
R099a This is another corner of good quality used by Tompion.
Size:-Height 57mm Base 128mm
Price:-16.87 each.
R100 This is a good quality casting usually only found on Tompions and best early, London work.
Size:-Height 58mm Base128mm
Price:-16.87 each.
R105 Rococo style corner used for 12" dials during the second quarter of the 18th century.
Size : - Height 52mm Base 157mm
Price:- 10.52 each.

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